Charitable Support for Our Community

Live Charity Monday Bingo Back in Town
Service clubs are a lifeline for many in the Parry Sound area. The Knights of Columbus is no exception and with a strong commitment to local needs has been a long-standing presence in the community. As a charity, its mission is to help families, individuals and groups address the needs essential to life in general and in our community. These needs are wide and diverse.

Helping students, funding
an immediate crisis, settling families from other countries in this area are a few examples of the scope of the mission. As with other service organizations, the Knights of Columbus do not hold large cash reserves. Funds are distributed as needed because the needs are significant and ongoing and, in many cases, immediate. With the advent of COVID, the main activities to raise funds for charitable work almost disappeared. Popular events were cancelled and as funds for distribution diminished, so did the opportunity to extend help to the community. As we move to a more personal and open time, the most popular event, the weekly Monday Night Bingo, a regular institution in Parry Sound, will resume on September 12, 2022 at the Knights of Columbus Hall.

The Monday Night Bingo has been an enjoyable opportunity for bingo enthusiasts for many years. Offering a myriad of bingo games, 18 in all, including a Full House Jackpot, Tooney Pots and an array of other chances to call "BINGO". It all takes place in the comfort of the Knights of Columbus Hall behind St. Peter's Church.

Snacks are available. It is a great way to renew acquaintances, meet new friends and have some up front and personal fun.

Starting Monday, September 12, Bingo at the
Knights of Columbus Hall, Parry Sound!